Grakn Cosmos: The Universe
of Orderly Systems

Welcome to the universal conference
of technologies built using Grakn

6-7th of February 2020

Kensington Conference and Events Centre |
London, United Kingdom

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What is Grakn Cosmos?

The "cosmos" is the universe viewed as a complex and orderly system, as opposed to chaos. Grakn isa database; one that empowers complex systems to be more intelligent through logic, reasoning, and knowledge engineering. The universe of all systems built on Grakn is the universe of orderly systems -- the Grakn Cosmos.

By landing on this page, you are either part of the Grakn Cosmos, or have just found it. In either case, we hope you are excited for what the future holds.

Welcome, to Grakn Cosmos.

The conference of people changing
the universe with Grakn

Meet the pioneers.

Meet the people behind the @username: the inventors, the innovators and the rule breakers.

Look to the future.

Explore the applications of knowledge engineering pushing the boundary of intelligent systems.

Be inspired.

Empower yourself with the wisdom, ideas, and technology to build a better future. Together.

The Cosmos Voyagers

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Bring your Grakn story

Share your story of knowledge engineering with the community. Share your challenges, your solutions, your innovations, and your lessons. Let us celebrate your achievements with you and tell the universe about it.

Let us know if you would like to speak at an upcoming Grakn Cosmos. Fill out the form below and we will reach out about joining the Cosmos.

Kensington Conference
and Events Centre

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton St
London W8 7NX, United Kingdom

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Sponsors and
Community Partners

Meet the organisations that make Grakn Cosmos possible.
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